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be judged to be that you see the stage. to be. but you just feel. the. disturbing pictures the merger of a mother and child were killed during an artillery attack on bottle of ga in eastern ukraine has been targeting the such a because it's close to the major anti-government stronghold. the conflict raging in the area forces international that's worth to scrap the plans to visit the site of the malaysian plane crash as the ukrainian army steps up its onslaught against anti-government forces. also this week in russia's defense ministry release a satellite and radar data suggesting there was a second plane near the malaysian airliner possibly a ukrainian fighter jet while the u.s. is urged to present evidence to back up its accusations against moscow. a you tube
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video should leave you simply does true wasn't an imminent danger russia is aiding militias are fighting in eastern ukraine and was involved in the downing of flight m.h. seventeen but refuses to specify the source of the information. and the new york times to the truce between commerce in israel falls apart and made growing international pressure to end the bloodshed. here watching our tease a little weekly with me to mom and say we're live from moscow this evening it's good to have you with us. a young couple and their child have been killed during a ukrainian military operation in gaza the army says it has surrounded the eastern
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city which came under heavy shelling early on sunday a warning to viewers there are disturbing images coming up. it was the middle part of the pope who was part of. football opposed feel. that the city martin. was just too good you get is not a pro to just leave you in the. morning to even think. at least thirteen people including two children that died and got up budgeting sunday's bombardment the city is obvious strategic importance will be providing a clear path to the major flashpoint city i'm done yet to marry again as a local resident account of what has been happening. we will go there was a strike on the city most likely from a grad rocket systems there is a very popular supermarket in the city center when the shell fell onto it there
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were a lot of customers there another fell in a residential yard in another near the city's maternity home causing the windows to blow out explosions could be heard all through the day starting from four in the morning they simply raising us to the ground. and these pictures are from lugansk which is also being relentlessly bombed or the latest assault claimed at least six lives and one thousand others were killed on saturday your local authorities say food and water supplies are running low because the city is located and this is the damage left by an atlanta shell which is. at a crowded bus stop a local told us how we don't have to look. almost. you know it is just that awful. but it looks like they want you to fight for. what you don't perform or you just thought are you going to do this are the other. ones probably before you all right or the other way you'll need the other one you can have the what you want to
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give him that was killed over those few. on saturday more than forty ukrainian soldiers fled to russia after refusing to fight for the government an official in the south of the country said that more ukrainian border guards did the same thing and or sauce for russian citizenship the soldiers say they did not want to kill their own people that local militia fighters let them across the border you know on thursday the ukrainian finance minister admitted that funding for the military campaign will dry up by the end of the month. the queen an army has launched an assault against anti-government forces seeking to regain control over the site of the recent a malaysian plane disaster intense fighting is believed to have killed thirteen civilians including two children and the army has reportedly stormed to the town of torah which is a right next to the site of the tragedy and that's despite ukraine's president
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poroshenko ordering a non-combat sorry forty kilometers around the area earlier this week the head of the always c e monitoring mission in ukraine has expressed concern that the fighting around the question is holding back the investigation forensic experts and arrived in the country to conduct a full probe however they were forced to cancel their plan to visit the site on sunday due to the intensifying undressed the netherlands australia and malaysia also abandon the initiative to send an international armed mission they see the risks would too great journalist patrick lang caster earlier managed to visit the site. where you left him a servant crashed right. there while we were there are just flying around overheard where we can hear explosions in the first and third we went forward to a very far ukrainian military training ground on the road and now we are very close
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to the circular. tours and i can see. very very heavy gunfire going towards and. the last planes are carrying the remains of the victims have landed in the netherlands two cargo jets one doesn't want to stray me and i've. been in each bearing one thousand coffins the netherlands the last one hundred and ninety four there because i'm from the flight seventy two tragedy a team of two hundred special this is working on identifying the bodies the closest it could take months to all of our. porth from a nation in the army. i don't forward the public so. the people of iraq to pay tribute to a family is restored to his politics the very fabric of this family is so within the whole community would know so everybody knows someone here and has been coming
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you know for years so you are quite shocked restaurant owners before the engine died in the crash along with these laws mother and sweet for only this son kevin wasn't on the plane now he's left pick up the pieces you can imagine how big a loss he's lost his parents his grandmother. works in the restaurant also. hope he can manage to. go on like you spend it outside the asian gorge restaurant floral tributes while those who knew the family that concerned more with making the day rest than these national clamor about investigating the tragedy the meeting is start with the bodies home return sorry goodbye to them on the proper way ultimately what memorial service is like the one going on behind me show that even in its darkest hour the people of the netherlands are coming together to show that they stand as one peter all of
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a polity. the first relatives of victims have arrived at the scene of that is us in eastern ukraine and australian couple lost they only child in malaysian airlines fly seventeen twenty five a team i was an aerospace engineering student. the first thing been be very hard to see he said how he should survive this he said how do we survive sees it we promise i what we have promised our daughter we will come here but it is actually as soon as possible does the time factor the week he should have come here the minute it happened the next day. the purpose here to establish what board the plane is widely believed to have been hit by a missile russia's defense ministry has presented information on the crash publishing satellite images and radar tracking data from that day let's take
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a look now at that moscow says it detected another aircraft in the same path as the malaysian plane which is bearing the parameters of a ukrainian military jet however here of claims all of its planes were on the ground at the time plus satellite images show ukrainian rocket launching system in the area just days before the crash but on the same day as a tragedy it was apparently moved to an unknown location russia's defense ministry is still waiting for comment on the information it has released we haven't received from ukraine or from greece commenting on forcible causes for the disaster is more still there cormorants based on material from social media the u.s. says the malaysian airliner which crashed killing at least killing all two hundred ninety eight people on board was or done by a surface to air missile washington claims that was fired from territory controlled
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by militia groups it's also criticized russia for allegedly supporting anti here forces washington has yet to provide evidence of these claims a fact that has not been lost on journalists. i would like to know what you're basing this new evidence that the russians intend to send any heavier equipment home based on some intelligence information i can't get into the sources and methods behind it but i was able to be able to tell you that is there a you tube video or something that you could point us to that i mean you know engines and i'm just wondering if you what what what it is i just said i wasn't going to give you the underlined source for me did you slightly out of love in many ways it's not with us you're right i don't give you more information just saying that i think you're the source i'm actually asked you a question here by katie the source a method would you prefer i not give you the information theory i think that it would be best for all concerned here in the other question you see when you make an allegation like that you're able to back it up with something more than just
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because i say so within a few hours of the malaysian plane catastrophe many western politicians as well as journalists had already made up their minds on who was to blame several news outlets pointed the finger at russia this by the lack of any investigation results and this as you can has been keeping track of the media frenzy. the media coverage in the west has been largely slanted against russia public opinion of course response to that kind of coverage of accent i meant is that russia is probably involved and if involved they're probably going to cover it up that's where the public sentiment is and in the c.n.n. poll the american people got it right in terms of who's to blame here folks fifty one percent said russia's and directly involved only the stakes are high whoever shoulders the blame for this atrocity is going to be the target of global anger and right now it looks like it's russia's fault because it's russia's fault i it's quite clearly the latest twist in this propaganda war the russians through the
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ambassador here in kuala lumpur are present. events to the malaysian radio there's also been attempts to discredit russian sources of information c.n.n. put out a breakdown of what it called russia's propaganda the first item on the list is this it says the russian take passengers were already dead when put aboard the image seventeen but when you follow the link on this page it has an article in russian which reviews all the apparently put on hold fake fur jeans and conspiracy theories that are out there that's what the article says specifically about the theory that the bodies were dead before the crash it says literally then there is information which is simply impossible to believe c n n presents it and calls it the russian take it is not the russian take in the same breakdown right after this dead bodies theory c.n.n. puts russian defense officials showing evidence that ukraine had the capability to shoot down the plane moscow is now saying ukraine did it showing evidence that it
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had the capability to do it contrary to what here is now say that claim is brushed off as propaganda information is now politically charged on all airwaves it seems many journalists have already handed down their verdict in washington i'm going to check on. the u.s. state department has released images which it says backup claims that russia has fired rockets into ukrainian territory the pictures have spread across social networks and the media but their origin is not pm they claim to show the impact of multiple rocket launches fired over the border from russia at ukrainian military units at the russian parliament says the material contains no actual evidence the u.s. secretary of state though insists that that mosque is using heavy weapons despite russia's foreign minister denying this in their sunday phone conversation from a u.s. treasury official and columnist paul craig roberts told us why he isn't convinced
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by these pictures. someone needs to ask the state department did they issue or this information by email early on a sunday morning this is a completely dead time in news many american cities aren't even out yet san francisco los angeles seattle it's still early hours in the morning so. if this was released by the state department which i doubt it's so unprofessional i was a assistant secretary the united states treasury i was added to the wall street journal this is not the way important news is released ever. coming up after the break on our national. scale hangs in the balance come us and israel failed to reach to extend a humanitarian. mediation efforts from the united nations.
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food you have a new. drug zone in the judicial inquiry furthermore restrictions. really knows what.
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the. economic down in the final. days. and the rest. will be if we. are watching r t international a twenty four hour ceasefire extension between israel and hamas which had been proposed by the united nations failed to hold on sunday first the palestinian militant group rejected the deal firing broad rockets from gaza into israel the group explained that it could not agree to a. truce until israel pulled out of gaza it prompted israel to continue its operations on sunday morning later hamas relented and call for the truce to be reinstated but according to israeli officials failed to comply with its own
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proposal according to reports from the area the fighting for plighted during the day but there is still no official truce deal in place honestly it would force. there were barrages of rockets fired from gaza at israel in the early hours of sunday morning several were intercepted over the same to the country and they have been sirens sounding both in the same to and in the south of israel there was also an israeli soldier that was killed by a mortar shell not far from the israel gaza border that the israeli military fatalities to some forty three now all of this follows a cease fire the loss of zero on saturday by both sides that ceasefire was a u.n. brokered humanitarian truce and it enabled aid workers to bring much needed emergency supplies into the gaza strip as you know hospitals there for example has practically run out of medicine it was also a chance for people inside gaza to return to their homes to try and salvage what little they could to bury the dead and also to recover bodies these ratings have
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saved that they believe that the number of rockets that hamas and islamic jihad have at their disposal has decreased dramatically because of this israeli operation and they also believe that the israelis will be forced to remain inside the gaza strip because they say militants in gaza will try to hold on to the remaining awesome though and extend the fighting in the gaza strip for quite some time so it certainly doesn't look as if. it's not take a look at a video our correspondents and us earlier in the week from one of the worst hit areas of gaza it does contain some disturbing images. ok that's what we're doing now. we're going to move. on with her. the man man can be seen in the little room a residential building in the video is going to show him hit by israeli gunfire and
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the man appears to be seeking cover on a bullet hits him while he's stretched out on the ground means is what an eyewitness told us. with respect to the death all together there were four shots fired the first one missed him but the remainder three were aimed for him the second one was fatal. which caused him to fall down a lot on the ground and the third war and war is i guess for them to make sure that they had got him basically he was as far as we are aware he was looking for his family he was frantic he was more he was leading the way he was on the floor and he knew the air we had wanted to do was find his army this resulted in his day there was supposed to be a cease fire as well however as research into the region there was bombing nearby there was shelling nearby and snipers shooting it's. on sunday evening barack obama called the israeli prime minister's seeking an immediate and
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unconditional cease fire in gaza and in a poll scott talked to a spokesman the israeli foreign ministry and he said that israel's operation is merely a response to aggression from calm us. they say that all timothy's should be investigated and i agree and i'll tell you what we're going to discover we're going to discover that israel has taken unprecedented steps in a very difficult circumstance to minimize and to avoid civilian casualties and we're going to discover that hamas evil machine with a killer strategy has named it is perpetrating war crime of the war crime going to discover you say that israel is doing all it can to minimize civilian casualties are you doing enough for boys killed on a beach we're hearing about civilians being killed every single day we said repetitively we said it also quietly through diplomatic channels quiet will be all said with quiet calm will be responded to with call this message was rejected out
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of hand we've been three cease fire proposals one by the egyptians one by the united nations one by the international committee for the red cross all three we accepted unconditionally we implemented them all three of which with the with the glib laws they couldn't care less attitude rejected and violated so i agree with you the this is a real tragedy the responsibility for which lies directly at the doorstep of hamas as always plenty more for you. printed student from florida university the lives of a six year old baby boy born with and on deficiency it costs just a few hundred dollars to build and you can even climb trees with it it's our t. dot com for the full story. navy day ships and submarines of jets troops i mean even robots where paraded at all it's nationwide the day commemorates a russian c.
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victory and the celebrated each year on the last sunday of july all the details in the which is online. u.k. journalist has been kicked off ukraine and barred from a country for three years graham phillips r.t. contribute to spend several days in captivity was interrogated and blindfolded he told us what else had he had he'd gone through during his detention. they were sending messages from my phone that message that you go r.t. saying all these fine i didn't i didn't send that message they were going through my messages asking me about every single message who sent this to you who is this person how do you know this person was put in a room next to an artillery position that they were firing heavily from that was being fired on i was kept in a cell or was detained along with another journalist the deal he was beaten in front of me i saw soldiers you know kick him in the face and then
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a soldier said if you can confirm my details and he couldn't guarantee that i was going to live i was blindfolded we were kept in a cell without water or toilet facilities and then we were separated i was interrogated i was interrogated all day i was called a terrorist i was told i had a russian passport i was a russian spy they were telling me all day that i had entered ukraine through ukraine and entered it through russia it's all completely completely false they were accusing me of working for terrorists all of these accusations and interrogations and then they took my computer they took my things and i've just go are just recently been released and i was on the train to warsaw coming from the polish border and i just recently discovered that the now all of my accounts are going to want to go to recount my e-mail account my you tube account which is obviously money in livelihood someone's deleted two thousand videos from every single account i have facebook contact the time that ukrainian forces have had my
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computer it was held by the s.b.u. as well they've taken that they've stripped all the passwords are now basically being cyberattacks and despite you now to try and get my life back having being kicked out of the country of ukraine my car was taken by the ukrainian military my money was taken my bullet proof vest i've been deported from a country i own a flat in told i'm an enemy of the state when all i ever did there was report the news which report the truth and i've been told i've been obviously banned from for three years kicked out of the border and then i've been cyberattack so basically you know my entire life has been has been taken apart i mean thankfully i'm alive and as you can see how effective your i but i'm a little shell shocked by the whole experience and just trying to kind of get my bearings and get things back together after what was an ordeal. at the time when phillips went missing ukraine's security forces said they had no information regarding his whereabouts they also deny that the military has been detaining reporters insisting it actually protects them is what
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a spokesman for kids security service had to say. there's no information on this we're both screwed whether there's a downturn in the ukrainian military don't comprehend. a polish woman reporting for ukraine and t.v. channel has been wounded in a combat operation in eastern ukraine according to the polish foreign ministry now ukraine has now become the world's most dangerous place for journalists according to the international news safety institute seven media workers have been killed this is the start of the year more than any rug syria and pakistan reporters have also been detained on numerous occasions. a look now at some other news from around the world let's start with libya the way it rushes between rival militia groups continued platell for control of tripoli it would have claimed ninety seven lives in the last few weeks and left over four hundred injured the u.k.
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has been forced to pull out its diplomatic stuff after france the u.s. and germany advised his citizens to leave libya and sunday a british embassy envoy was fired on by gunmen but no one was injured libya is going through its worst by the violence since the twenty eleven civil war. and i explosion in the nigerian city of qana has left at least five people dead and eight others injured the bras went off and a capital church in a mainly christian area of the city and a nearby incident a female suicide bomber blew herself up on a university would be five police officers nobody has admitted to the attacks but this letter is group of boko haram is active in the area. an american doctor infected with the deadly ebola virus tiring charity work in liberia is in intensive care in monrovia dr brantley's colleagues see he's in
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a stable condition the disease is fatal in ninety percent of cases but sufferers can survive if treated early enough the virus has been spreading through several west african countries in recent months claiming over six hundred and sixty likes the us. a small plane has crashed landed on a beach in florida killing one person according to reports of the victims of father and his daughter who were having a walk when the incident occurred the man was killed while his daughter was taken to hospital in critical condition the causes of the crash is yet another. in a couple of minutes we'll take a look at how the news is made yeah on our team tonight.
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death row inmate joseph would rise in pain during a two hour execution this prolonged suffering was not part of the plan and not constitutional but an accident and not quite a unique wanted that just this year in both oklahoma and my native ohio there have been botched executions due to complications with lethal injection one judge alex kozinski who voted to give what a stay of execution due to the questionable nature of lethal injection drugs said that the good old firing squad would be a lot more humane and his opinion eight or ten large caliber bullets fired at close range inflict massive damage causing instant death every time i think lethal injection is popular not for the executed but for society as judge kozinski said shooting someone in the head with a machine gun is instant death so why don't they use the firing squad because that would be messy and raise questions quietly injecting people way from prying public eyes allows the dirty deed to be done without the hassle of ugly news footage i
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think that it says something odd about society that we must kill the wicked and murderous but could you do it in a bloodless way completely out of sight i don't want to lose my appetite but that's just my opinion.


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